The Guy’s Divorce Guide Program Is Designed to Help You Create Enormous Breakthroughs During Your Divorce…

The information and materials in the Guy’s Divorce Guide program are designed to provide a simple, easy way of understanding the critical aspects of divorce and help you prepare so you achieve the best possible outcome.

The materials are easy to understand and organized by topic so you can quickly identify what needs to be done regardless of where you are in the divorce process.

Sample Pages From The Materials

This is an example of the type of information that you’ll have access to and the benefits that you’ll gain by using the Guy’s Divorce Guide:

  • Learn the critical timing for making payment and filling out legal forms that can result in either saving or costing you thousands of dollars in your final divorce settlement
  • Learn how assets can be hidden – and how you can discover them to ensure that you’re getting your fair share of the marital estate
  • Avoid financial mistakes that are commonly made during a divorce and save yourself hundreds or thousands of dollars
  • Learn what it takes to prepare your expense history so that it doesn’t cost you in court
  • Learn the hidden tax implications that can be waiting for you long after the divorce is over

Here's What You Get:


Informative guides to address critical topics that you MUST understand. The guides provide condensed but impactful information that tell you what you need to know regarding various topics that are relevant to your situation.

Here are a few of the guides that are included:

  • How to select the right attorney
  • Understanding the divorce process
  • Getting custody of your children

  • 31 Financial mistakes to avoid
  • How social media can impact your divorce


Workbooks to organize your information and cut your legal costs.  The workbooks provide step by step instructions that virtually walk you through the process on a variety of topics.

These are several of the comprehensive workbooks that are available:

  • Attorney selection workbook
  • Preparing for the first meeting with your attorney
  • Asset listing workbook

  • Childcare expense workbook
  • Childcare planning workbook and childcare log


Detailed step-by-step checklists to ensure that you're not forgetting anything that would hurt your chances of a positive outcome. Checklists identify critical issues that need to be addressed or actions that must be taken to avoid ending up on the losing side.

Here are just a few of the detailed checklists that are part of the program:

  • What to do before filing for divorce
  • What to bring to the first meeting with your attorney
  • What to do before moving out
  • How to become the preferred parent (in the eyes of the court)
  • What to do immediately after your divorce is finalized

In addition, subscribers who act now will have access to other useful materials including:

  • Tips guaranteed to save you money
  • Potential tax liabilities that you need to know about before making a final settlement
  • Divorce Scenario simulators to figure out what adjustments need to be made to maximize your settlement
  • Downloadable templates that will save you money (and your lawyer won't provide you)
  • Calculators to estimate your alimony and child support payments in advance
  • Divorce-related reference materials


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Remember, attorneys don’t have a set amount that they charge for a divorce. They charge BY THE HOUR. The more questions you ask and the more unprepared you are, the more money they make. The Guy’s Divorce Guide will help you get organized and understand the hidden details of the divorce process so you know what questions to ask your attorney. This alone will help you save hours of expensive legal time and reduce your overall legal fees.


If you were to pay for the hundreds of hours that were required to assemble all of this valuable information, your cost would be well into the tens of thousands of dollars. But if you act today you’ll have access to these wealth saving materials for $499, $299, just $199 if you order within the next 12 hours.


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