Frequently Asked Questions

The process of going through a divorce brings so many questions from everyone involved. It's no doubt a stressful, overwhelming and confusing process. Making sure you take the correct steps can help you get the best possible outcome. Below are some frequently asked questions about the Guys Guide To Divorce.

  • Answer: Yes, a qualified attorney is always recommended. The Guy's Divorce Guide is intended to help educate you about potential areas of concern during the divorce process but it does not provide legal advice and it is not intended to replace a qualified attorney.
  • Answer: If you have a great attorney they will be able to tell you many of the things in the guide but they can't tell you everything. It's worth mentioning that they probably won't take the time to tell you very much information and if they do, they'll charge you $300 - $400 per hour to share this information. They probably won't provide checklists and guides for you to use.
  • Answer: The general concepts discussed in the Guy's Divorce Guide can be applied in almost any state
  • Answer: The earlier you start preparing for a possible divorce, the more likely you'll be to end up with a very favorable outcome. The Guide contains information that could reduce your costs from the very start of your divorce and help you retain a substantial part of your wealth if you do end up getting divorced.
  • Answer: The fact is that everybody loses something in a divorce, except the lawyers. The Guy's Divorce Guide will provide useful information that will help you end up with the best possible outcome.