We’ve helped thousands of men protect their hard-earned wealth and live the lifestyle they deserve after divorce.

Protect Yourself
Learn the unwritten rules about getting divorced.
Protect Your Finances
The Guys Divorce Guide will help you make sure your finances are covered and that you don't lose more money than you have to.
Protect Your Rights As a Father
Learn how to become the preferred parent in the eyes of the court to avoid losing custody and paying excess child support payments.
Protect Your Assets
Shield your assets to minimize the effect your divorce will have on your home, cars and toys.


This guide saved me THOUSANDS of dollars.  I'd have paid a lot more for it knowing what I know now.  If I didn't have this information I would have ended up losing a lot more to my greedy ex.

Marc - Chicago

What Guy’s Divorce Guide is NOT…

Guy’s Divorce Guide is NOT a do-it-yourself divorce kit

Yet it will provide you with much of the information you need to manage the critical aspects of your divorce.

Guy’s Divorce Guide is NOT a program to screw over your ex

Yet you will learn different ways to end up with more of the assets and help you live the life you want after the divorce.

The Guy’s Divorce Guide is a practical guide to prepare you for your divorce - and help you come out ahead. You’ll learn the unwritten rules about the legal process that an attorney might not tell you. You’ll also save time, lower your legal costs and learn multiple ways to protect your hard-earned assets.

The internet is full of horror stories about how good men get screwed during a divorce...

Whether it’s someone you know or someone that you read about, the story is usually the same.  It’s often about a guy that gets kicked out of his family home, loses custody of his children and ends up paying his ex-wife into eternity while he struggles to get by. The most common mistake they make is completely relying on their attorney and failing to prepare. 

DON’T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKES THAT THESE GUYS DID!   You can now get the information you need to become the exception. Live the life you want after divorce, without losing all of your assets or being required to subsidize the lavish lifestyle that your ex wife’s plans to live after your divorce.

Here's What You Get When You Sign Up

  • Downloadable templates that will save you money (and your lawyer won't provide you)
  • Informative guides to address critical topics that you MUST understand
  • Workbooks to organize your information and cut your legal costs
  • Detailed step-by-step checklists to ensure that you're not forgetting anything that would hurt your chances of a positive outcome
  • Divorce Scenario simulators to figure out what adjustments need to be made to maximize your settlement
  • Calculators to estimate your alimony and child support payments in advance
  • Potential tax liabilities that you need to know about before making a final settlement
  • Tips guaranteed to save you money

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Every guy that's thinking about divorce or going through it now needs to get this information.  It's absolutely worth the money!

Ryan - Michigan

Don't Let This Be You! Join To Get The Guy’s Divorce Guide Program NOW!

I'm ready to protect my assets and end up on the winning side!

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By joining the thousands of men who have taken control of their divorce, you will:

  1. Learn the unwritten rules about getting divorced (that your attorney may not tell you)
  2. Take simple steps that reduce attorney fees & save money
  3. Get prepared so you can avoid unreasonable child support claims
  4. Discover how assets can be hidden - or detected
  5. Understand what it takes to avoid losing custody and critical time with your children
  6. Prevent critical mistakes that can cost you thousands
  7. Take the appropriate steps to maximize your portion of the divorce settlement

The Secrets Exposed In This Program Will Help You Save Thousands of Dollars


I had a great lawyer but I definitely paid him too much. I could have saved a lot of money if I would have had this information when my divorce first started.

J.P. - Atlanta

This Program Pays For Itself Immediately

Attorneys typically charge $250 to $400 per hour.  This program contains tens of hours worth of valuable information – at a fraction of the cost of just one hour with your attorney.  It also contains information that your attorney won’t tell you about divorce.

With the tools available through this program, you’ll be more prepared for your meetings, saving you time and hundreds if not thousands of dollars in legal costs alone.  It can pay for itself during the first meeting with your attorney! 

This is further proof of what we all know - that men, in most cases, end up on the losing side of divorce.

This is further proof of what we all know - that men, in most cases, end up on the losing side of divorce.

If you think the court and your soon-to-be ex will treat you fairly during the divorce process, consider these facts:

  • Women are awarded a majority of the marital estate in most divorce settlements
  • If children are involved, men are likely to end up on the losing side:
    • 75% of custody awards are to the mother, only 10% are to the father, and 15% are 50-50 joint custody. (according to a study by National Center for Health Statistics).
    • Seventy-nine point six percent of custodial mothers receive a support award, while only 29.6 percent of custodial fathers receive a support award.  Source


The Guy’s Divorce Guide program has been helping men level the playing field when it comes to divorce.  The information contained in this program tells you what you need to know about the divorce process to avoid potential traps and ultimately preserve your wealth.

Unfortunately for a lot of guys, this comprehensive set of information and materials wasn’t available before they went through their divorce.  Now that it’s available, you have the opportunity to join an elite club – the one with guys who took charge and created a more positive outcome of their divorce.  This is the club where the members don’t complain about losing everything to their ex.  They aren’t constantly kicking themselves for making a mistake that is still costing them.  They aren’t paying excess amounts of alimony to their ex while she goes on lavish vacations.  This is the club where guys are focused on living the happy, free-wheeling lifestyle they want, with money in the bank and a fair portion of the assets that they worked so hard to build up.

If you’re not convinced that this is for you, remember that failure to prepare will cost you! - You could end losing your hard-earned assets and end up paying unreasonable amounts of alimony while your ex lives the good life.

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